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Premium Quality Foam Insert Boxes

Boxes With Foam Inserts

Well-crafted and carefully selected display foam for cases, can really add value to a product. Products protected by a foam case, help to further support the appearance of quality. Items with their own, bespoke foam case appear to be of greater importance and as such of higher value. Using display foam for cases, well help to excel your product of choice to a new level of professionalism. Not only this, but it’s a great way of keeping products secure and safe. Generally, items housed in display foam for cases are of great importance, of higher value, sometimes fragile and in some cases dangerous if mishandled. Display foam for cases, helps to add a premium feel to your product, whilst helping to protect your item to exceptional levels.

Do you have an unusually shaped product or a variety of products that need to be packaged together? No problem. We’ll design and manufacture the perfect package for you using a set-up box and a custom insert. Do you want to use the same box to package many different products? No problem. Let us design your solution consisting of different printed cover wraps or printed belly bands along with multiple inserts.

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