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Cases for Presentation

You only get one chance to make a good first impression.....

You only get one chance to make a good first impression – and the first glance is often crucial to establish personal contact and generate interest. This makes an appealing setting for the presentation of goods all the more important. When products are presented to their best advantage, the chances are higher that the prospective customers will be interested.

A presentation case is the perfect way to enhance the appeal of small and larger products, from eyeglasses to decorative items. Presentation cases make it easy to present goods attractively directly on site with the customer, without requiring extensive setup. The case is opened quickly to reveal the orderly and organised contents. Naturally, this means the size and format of the presentation case needs to be tailored to the goods being presented, and the interior configuration has to be designed accordingly..

ORGANIC LINE The resource conserving innovation

The new ORGANICLINE exhibits the latest evolution in material portfolio. New award-winning ARBOBLEND® material from TECNARO which was awarded the German Green Brand seal.

Its mix of materials contains glucose, natural waxes, minerals and natural fibres.

The glucose that is extracted from sugar cane and sugar beet is a technical sugar composite which does not compete with food production.

ORGANICLINE cases and boxes consist of up to 93 % regenerative raw materials, depending on the product dimensions, and are recyclable.


One solution - 4 different cases

Our most popular models for a Demo Cases. You can get custom foam interior and custom logo. All you need is to send your equipment to us or send a drawing.

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