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18 products

Multiple Laptop Cases

Modular Multiple Laptop Carrying Case by Flightcases International A/S is available in 4 pack, 8 pack, 10 pack and 20 pack configuration. Built to order for most 13" to 17 " display laptops. It also includes separate compartments for power cords and other accessories..

Multilple Tablet Cases

We have a wide range of cases for charge and transport of multiple tablets such as Apple iPad, easily and efficiently. Our cases are a great all-in-one solution. However, we don't just make cases for tablets; we can make cases for almost any USB-chargeable device.

Cases for Apple

Find the perfect protective lightweight case for your Imac 21" and 27" or your MAC Pro. Lightweight, indestructible and watertight resin case, with interior designed to house the brand new Mac Pro. It features wheels and handle, which allow it to be transported like a trolley.

Single Tablet & Laptop Cases

Professional Tablet & Laptop Cases. Watertight, crushproof, and dust proof case made to carry a laptop computer. It has a lid organizer and fitted shock absorbing computer tray for a laptop computer up to a 17" screen.

Cases for IT-Equipment

That's why you should choose Peli Cases...!

Peli has been producing the strongest waterproof, dustproof cases in the world since 1976 and is world famous for its high quality. Peli Products was founded by Dave Parker, who at the age of 11 became an avid diver, which is why he discovered the need for robust protective boxes that were both dust and waterproof and could withstand maximum load. It was the start of Pelican Products in the United States. All Cases from Peli are designed and developed to withstand even the most extreme conditions and wildest challenges in any terrain..

Transporting Multiple Laptops

Are you looking to transport multiple laptops? We have a wide range of protective and waterproof cases for storing adn transporting multiple Notebook and laptop. Our multiple Laptop Cases are designed to protect multiple laptop computers during transit. The rugged exterior case shell is watertight, crushproof and dustproof, while the case interior features foam designed to fit multiple computers with room for accessories.

Unlimited lifetime warranty

When you buy a Peli Case at Flightcases, you are covered by Peli's lifetime warranty! We offer an unlimited lifetime warranty on all Peli Products, including Peli Protector cases, Peli Air and Peli Storm Cases (Does not apply to accessories). In order for us to cover the guarantee, we must have your product sent to our address and the product must have been purchased from us.

Large selection of accessories for Peli Cases

When you choose a Peli Case to protect your equipment, you also get access to a huge selection of accessories. This from an extra set of foam for your Peli Case. So in addition to giving you the world's strongest and best case, Peli offers a huge selection of accessories, from extra foam sets, to adjustable partitions, lid inserts and the brand new TrekPak partition system.

None other than Peli Case offers such a comprehensive range of accessories.

Buy Peli Case from Flightcases

If you want to buy Peli Cases at flightcases, you buy directly from the Danish Distributor. This ensures you the lifetime warranty, a huge stock, high professional advice and the possibility of all kinds of special fittings and adjustments in foam m.m. If you want to see or try the products before you buy, you have the opportunity to do so in our showroom at Vesterlundvej 3 in Herlev, Denmark og in Gotenborg. We offer fast delivery on stock items, 30-day exchange and price guarantee.

Peli Products and Flightcases

Flightcases is one of the largest retailers of Peli Cases in Europe and is a distributor of Peli products in Denmark. We sell more than 15,000 Peli Cases every year and always have more than 3,000 Peli Cases in our warehouses in Denmark. As a company, you can shop directly with us. This is your guarantee for high delivery security, fulfillment of Peli's lifetime guarantee, professional advice and a huge range of accessories.

Production of foam inserts

We produce specialty interiors for your Peli Cases in a state-of-the-art setting and with high-tech machines. It ensures you the quality and uniformity that makes us different from the crowd. We have approx. 3,000 m² production and storage facilities and approx. 400 m² office and service facilities. We specialize in designing and producing special designs in foam for all Peli Cases. This means that we can offer the market's lowest prices on Peli Cases with custom foam.

Peli and Pelican, what's the difference?

Pelican Products markets Pelican in the United States and all other countries under the Pelican brand. In Europe, Pelican is marketed under the brand Peli and the company is called Peli Products in Europe and is headquartered in Barcelona. This means that a Pelican Case is exactly the same as a Peli Case.

Who uses Peli Cases?

Peli Cases are used in many industries. This can be for transport, protection and storage of tools for setting up wind turbines, transport of weapons and equipment for the Danish Armed Forces. Or for the protection of Camera equipment, Film equipment, Measuring equipment, IT Equipment and of course as a universal case for all your cool stuff that just needs to be protected. Some of our customers who sell costly or exclusive equipment choose a Peli Case as product packaging, this often in combination with a foam device adapted to the equipment.

We supply Peli Cases to all types of companies and public authorities and have been a supplier to the Danish Armed Forces and the UN since 1978. We have a customer database of more than 4,000 active customers.

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