3D Design Services

3D Design Services

3D Design of Cases and Foam Inserts..

Our designers are happy to help you design your case or foam solution. Whether you need a foam to protect your equipment, a presentation box or a new case for product packaging, we come up with design solutions that suit your requirements.

We always take pride in meeting our customers’ expectations and complying from material selection, quality to delivery time. We are continuously introducing new techniques and materials to meet the growing demands of various areas in terms of safety, practical handling, pricing and delivery times. In summary, we are here to help the customers from the enquiry to the finished product

Our production ....

  • CNC machines for cutting / milling sheets for production of flight cases, etc.
  • CNC milling used to cut foam
  • Cutting plant for aluminium profiles
  • Workshop with specilised equipment
  • We offer the complete foam conversion capabilities in-house

Here's how we do it...

To help us give you a non-binding quote for a project, whether one piece or several thousands are needed, we need the following information:

  • Indicate the selected case & model # **
  • Number of cases to be ordered
  • Providing a photo or drawing of your equipment or products
You are most welcome to contact us if you have any questions, price enquiry, etc. Call us on +45 3321 4444 or send your email to: sales@flightcases.dk. For International Customers call at +43 664 73149608 or email to: Robrgout@flightcases.dk
** If you are unsure about which case to select, please indicate what purpose it has eg: presentation, transportation, offshore, etc. and we will advice you with the best solution.