Foam Packaging

We are specialists in foam processing for all types of equipment..

When it comes to protecting items during shipping, packing foam is an ideal way to ensure safety. Since it absorbs shocks and impacts while providing support, foam packaging is ideal for protecting a range of items during shipping. We offer several options for adding the reliable solution of packaging foam to protect your items.. Every one of our foam case inserts is custom designed by our design team in 3D. We pride ourselves on making this process as flexible to our customers as possible, meaning you can have as much or as little input to the project as you like. After everyone is happy with the design, the foam is then cut to size by one of our many foam cutting machines.

We have our own production of foam and foam work at our factory, which gives us full control over the entire manufacturing process, design, prototypes and production. This gives us high flexibility and keeps our costs low. We are specialists in foam processing for all types of equipment, items, etc. that are needed for either protection, presentation or/and packaging. We are flexible to quickly deliver small or large series, plus have the potential to manually finish when required. CNC milling gives you a higher quality finish than water jet cutting.



Protective packaging foam & packing foam systems for fragile and/or high value products that can be designed with many of our high performance cushioning materials and systems.

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Anti-Static Foam

Used primarily with electronics, anti-static packaging foam is made to slowly and safely dissipate any electrostatic charges created by the item itself or any other surrounding items. Perfect for adding protection to the shipment of items such as circuit boards, computer chips, and other electronics, purchase this reliable foam packing material in sheets or let us custom cut to meet the specifics of your need.

It is also available in eggcrate patterns for added support of larger items.

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