Flight Cases

Do you have special requirements for the transport of measuring equipment, tools or costly equipment? And must it be transported under special conditions. We have more than 30 years of experience in design, development and production of custom Flight Cases where special requirements are needed.

We make Flight Cases for all projects. This regardless of whether you must have transported and lifted 350 kg of equipment, 80 meters up on a platform offshore, or you must have transported your measuring equipment with maximum protection by plane or offshore - regardless of dimensions and weight.

We help you and your company from design, development and production. We can save you a lot of time if we get involved from the start in your particular project.

Team flightcases
Rob eyes for heavy duty lift
Aluminium inner frame
for heavy equipment
Custom Flight Cases

Handmade in Denmark

We are known for building the best Flight Cases in the industry and offer design, development and production in close collaboration with our customers. We solve the tasks our competitors can not solve and in the best quality. And we do everything in-house at our factory in Denmark..

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tecknical Design and production of where special requirements are needed! Custom Made Flightcases Offshore / Wind Power / Military / Tools / Measurement Equipment
Custom Flight Cases

Special Projects

Our Flight Cases are designed in such a way that you can freely choose the length, width and height of your case. The modular construction used by Flightcases International A/S makes this possible. We provide many choices when it comes to price and case type.

We can make full-blown ATA Flightcases with all the bells and whistles, multi-colour choices, the works! Making high-end Flightcases is a passion of ours and we love to show them off, but we realise not everyone needs this type of case. If your situation doesn't require a "battle worthy" case, we offer different design levels that will meet your particular need and budget...

Premium Flight Cases

3D Design

High-quality materials are used throughout the construction of all of our Flight Cases and products.

The majority of Flight Cases are constructed using birch plywood, plastic or composite from renewable sources. Exterior covering is by means of a wide variety of materials including coloured High Pressure Laminates (HPL), aluminium stucco panels and extruded vinyl sheets, all of which are bonded in-house using water-based adhesives and a heated press system.

Flightcase med print

Build in

We can make all kinds of special solutions with built-in ventilation, both passive and active ventilation. We can also mount various adapters, power m.m. adapted to your requirements.

Custom Foam  for Flightcases


Custom Flight Cases

Drawer Flight Cases
Drawer Flight case
Flightcases for heavy load
Flight Cases for heavy equipment
3-Delt Flightcases
3 Split Flight Case
Drawer Flight case
Flight Case with build-in ramp
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