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We appreciate that image is everything, it reflects your brand, its values and the people that work for the organisation, it can be the final touch to push your objectives over the line.

Our capabilities can apply your branding or marketing messages both inside and/or outside the case. Even something as simple as a trademark can communicate the personality of the product or service you are offering, increasing your chances of winning business.

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Branded Flightcases
Branding or marketing messages
Both inside and/or outside the case
Custom Flight Cases

Made in Denmark

We design and manufacture high-performance, protective Flightcases and racks used for transport, operation and storage of essential equipment in commercial and military applications. High-quality materials are used throughout the construction of all of our Custom Made Cases. We manufcure all our Flight Case production and printing inhouse. We are perhaps the only company in Europe making full color print on Flightcases in-house

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Vi har nok europas største udvalg i produktkufferter og vores udvalg spænder vidt lige fra en prisbillig plastkuffert til en professionel Peli case eller ultimativt en specialbygget flightcase. Så uanset hvad dit behov er, så har vi en løsning


Vi tilbyder et bredt udvalg emballageskum både som flergangsemballage, eksportemballage og single trip emballage. Vores materilaer spænder vidt fra PU Skum, PE Skum og genanvendligt skum.

foam-inserts-slide Experience, skills, and technology cases and packaging to provide single-source service for quality Denmark / Sweden / Finland / Austria / Germany
Custom Branded

Flight Cases

Flightcases offer complete protection for your equipment. At Flightcases International we utilise the very latest materials and cutting-edge technology to design and build a custom case solution that's tailored specifically to your needs. The flight cases we design and manufacture here at Flightcases International are entirely bespoke products, tailor-made to your requirements. A custom solution will commonly incorporate elements of one or more different styles of flight case. Choose any of the styles below to read more about its defining features and how it can be used.

Premium Flightcases

3D Design

Our expert advice is on hand at all times, from matters such as the level of protection you'll need, to guidance on the practical and future usage of the case. We can even advise on some of the health and safety issues that may arise from moving your case around.

When it comes to flight cases, everyone's needs are different. You might be looking to transport your equipment on a daily basis, in which case a telescopic handle and wheels would be a wise choice. On the other hand, it might be that your equipment will spend most of its time in storage, and a stackable trunk solution would be better. Perhaps you're looking for a fairly small transit case with a hinged or removable lid. Or at the other end of the scale, a flight case that's literally big enough to step into, complete with doors and a ramp. We can design and build to both extremes - and everything in between..

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