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Custom Presentation Cases

Perfect as sample or demonstration cases..

These smart looking cases are an attractive and lightweight and are especially suited as display or presentation cases. Typically used as sample or demonstration cases where looks and image play a vital role. They can be supplied with custom foam interiors designed to house and protect your contents. To add a personal touch, company logos can be silk screen printed on to your Custom Presentation Cases.

Presentation case is the perfect way to enhance the appeal of small and larger products, from eyeglasses to decorative items. Presentation cases make it easy to present goods attractively directly on site with the customer, without requiring extensive setup. The case is opened quickly to reveal the orderly and organised contents. Naturally, this means the size and format of the presentation case needs to be tailored to the goods being presented, and the interior configuration has to be designed accordingly.

a quality case


We can make your demo case as you like. Custom size and foam and branding. Contact our design team if you have any request or questions and we will help you! Our custom hand crafted professional high-quality tough cases suitable for a custom foam solution. We design and engineer custom foam to protect your equipment.

Modern Design

Many Sizes
and colors

Cool elegance and contemporary minimalism characterize the design. The mission of the Aluminium Briefcase is to support the customer’s brand by means of its individual form.

Custom Foam
Custom Foam
Every one of our foam case inserts is custom designed by our design team in 3D
Custom Foam
Custom Sizes
We can make your demo case as you like. Custom size and foam and branding.
* We can make you case in many sizes.
* Minimum QTY is 5 pcs. Call us for an offer.
Item number Total Height (mm) Fixed Base height (mm) Fixed Lid height (mm)
NE3030B/NE3023L 38,6 mm 21,8 mm 14,8 mm
NE3030B/NE3030L 43,6 mm 21,8 mm 21,8 mm
NE3045B/NE3023L 51,6 mm 36,8 mm 14,8 mm
NE3045B/NE3030L 58,6 mm 36,8 mm 21,8 mm
NE3060B/NE3023L 71,6 mm 56,8 mm 14,8 mm
NE3060B/NE3030L 78,6 mm 56,8 mm 21,8 mm
NE3060B/NE3045L 93,6 mm 56,8 mm 36,8 mm
NE3080B/NE3023L 86,6 mm 71,8 mm 14,8 mm
NE3080B/NE3030L 93,6 mm 71,8 mm 21,8 mm
NE3080B/NE3045L 108,6 mm 71,8 mm 36,8 mm
NE3114B/NE3023L 120,2 mm 105,4 mm 14,8 mm
NE3114B/NE3030L 127,5 mm 105,4 mm 23,8 mm
NE3114B/NE3045L 142,5 mm 105,4 mm 36,8 mm
* Lid and base height is inner dimension. Add 8 mm to get the exterior dimensions
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