Flightcases International A/S

Manufacturer of protective cases

Flightcases International AS has been established as a limited company since 1978, we are a family run business with traditional family values. We pride ourselves on our outstanding levels of customer service, quality and competitive pricing while conducting ourselves with integrity.

We have continuously built our industry knowledge and honed our craft to offer the best case solutions to meet the ever-expanding needs of our customers.

We manufacture all our foam interiors and all our custom made Flightcases in our own factory in Denmark. We have also production facilities in China where we produce a range of Aluminium Cases.

You can always call or write to us in opening hours. We will normally answer e-mails within two hours.

Experience, skills, and technology

We have the experience, skills, and technology to provide single-source service for quality cases and packaging. Our cases are used to secure, protect, transport and display some of the world’s finest (and most expensive) instruments and products–including sensitive equipment for the Military. We are headquartered in Herlev near Copenhagen. We provide cases in a wide range of materials including plastic, metal, and wood - with or without foam interiors. We employ manufacturing processes that include fabricating to deliver high quality products that meet a broad range of exacting needs and specifications.

Our manufacturing plant has experienced significant growth over the past ten years incorporating the latest conversion machinery and techniques allowing us the ability to offer a vast array of products and services. We are primarily a packaging and design driven business supplying protective packaging solutions to all aspects of industry from large volume production to bespoke prototyping.
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Flightcases International A/S
Vesterlundvej 3
2730 Herlev

Cvr. Nr.: DK13467900

Our showroom, factory and administration are at the same address.

Contact Information
Open Monday - Friday 08:00 till 16:00,
+45 3321 4444
Sales and questions: sales@flightcases.dk
Invoices: invoice@flightcases.dk

For International Customers:
+43 664 73149608
Sales and questions: sales@flightcases.dk

Mails will be answered within the opening hours within a few hours.

Nordea Bank Danmark
Vesterbrogade 8 
0900 København C, Denmark

Reg. nr. 2191
Account number: 1520515700
IBAN: DK94 2000 1520 515 700 

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Our Team

Kim Soldbro
Regional Sales Director

Phone: +45 33 86 88 01
E-mail kis(a)flightcases.dk

Tommy Agø

Phone: +45 31 47 00 36
E-mail toa(a)flightcases.dk

Anders Tange
Technical Director

Phone: +45 40 40 64 41
E-mail ant(a)flightcases.dk

Lone Jørgensen

Phone: +45 33 21 44 44
E-mail loj(a)flightcases.dk

Keld Wedell Seerup

Phone: +45 33 86 88 00
E-mail kes(a)flightcases.dk


Jesper Riis

Phone: +45 33 21 44 44
E-mail jer(a)flightcases.dk

Damien Metral

Phone: +45 33 21 44 44
E-mail dam(a)flightcases.dk

Per Laursen

Phone: +45 33 21 44 44
E-mail per(a)flightcases.dk

Patrick O Brien
Team Leader

Phone: +45 33 21 44 44
E-mail administration(a)flightcases.dk

John Strøchel
Custom Solution

Phone: +45 33 21 44 44
E-mail administration(a)flightcases.dk

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