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Plast Cases good for packaging and product presentation

Plast Cases

We offer a wide range of Plastic Cases and are distributor of the full product range from W.AG cases. For the Scandinavia market special the Twist Range and the Tekno range are very popular. TWIST is a modern design case that embodies perfect coherence between a purist design language with distinctive stylistic elements and a multitude of features. Cool elegance and contemporary minimalism characterize the TWIST design.

Its optimized interior geometry makes TWIST is an ideal packaging solution for a large number of industries with a wide range of applications.

Merging highest functionality with a contemporary design: The plastic case TEKNO offers protection for sensitive products, but at the same time it features a durable advertising medium, guaranteed to attract high-level attention. Even entire product families can be realized by coordinating colouring and IML decoration means. Select your favourite case size from 15 TEKNO sizes.


We also introduce a new Organicline of Twist cases. The new ORGANICLINE exhibits the latest evolution in material portfolio. New award-winning ARBOBLEND® material from TECNARO which was awarded the German Green Brand seal. Its mix of materials contains glucose, natural waxes, minerals and natural fibres. The glucose that is extracted from sugar cane and sugar beet is a technical sugar composite which does not compete with food production. ORGANICLINE cases and boxes consist of up to 93 % regenerative raw materials, depending on the product dimensions, and are recyclable..

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Our most popular Plast Cases:


Select your favourite case size from 15 TEKNO sizes..


Select your favourite case size from 18 TWIST sizes..


Select your favourite case size from 8 SPI sizes..


Select your favourite case size from 25 Excellent sizes.

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