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Flightcases International A/S, is one of the largest specialist dealers of Peli cases in Europe. At any point of time, we carry more than 3,000 Peli Cases for our European customers. Our webshop showcases the largest selection of Peli Cases for business customers and public institutions Flightcases specialises in making Custom Foam Interiors for Peli Cases and delivers to customers throughout Europe. We alos offer a wide range of other cases like Aluminium Cases, Custom Cases, EVA Bags, Zarges Alu-Boxe, Plastic Cases etc.

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Waterproof Cases

Peli Air™ Cases

Peli Air – Up to 40% lighter. Peli makes the toughest, watertight, dust-proof and chemical-resistant protective cases around. Peli air cases are up to 40 percent lighter than other polymer cases. Built for professionals who like to travel with lightweight cases, Peli air cases are remarkably innovative high performance cases that can stand the toughest of conditions..

Peli Protector™ Cases

We are one of the largest specialist dealers of Peli cases in Europe. At any point of time, we carry more than 3,000 Peli Cases for our European customers

Storm™ Cases

Peli Storm Case™ is a range of tough, IP67-certified waterproof, injection-moulded cases designed for extreme protection of equipment during transport and storage. Peli Storm Cases are made of HPX™ high performance resin that is virtually unbreakable, shatterproof, dent-resistant and extremely durable even at very low temperatures..

Extreme Cases

Extreme Cases are high-performance cases built specially for military and industrial applications. Made from high-performance resin, Extreme Cases are IP67-certified waterproof, unbreakable, shockproof, airtight, and lightweight cases perfect for protecting all kinds of equipment in the toughest of environments. Extreme Cases is a globally well-proven brand preferred by the military and law enforcement agencies.

Other universal Cases

Premium Aluminium Kufferter

Our Premium Aluminium Cases. An all-aluminium hard-shell case in a very exclusive design. The one-piece aluminium shells are manufactured by using the latest deep-draw technology and are given a special polish for a matt finish..


We offer a range of aluminium cases; everything from off-the-shelf aluminium briefcases and boxes, to completely bespoke aluminium cases, designed and built around your equipment, to your exact specification. Whether you need a case to transport and store basic materials or for costly electronic equipment, we can provide the best solution. From small aluminium portfolio cases, briefcases and boxes to huge storage cases, you will find everything you need on our website..

EVA Cases

The Shell-Case Hybrid Series is a protective and stylish carrying solution. Offering advanced design and supreme quality, it can be easily customized to meet your needs and branded to reflect your professional identity. Made of thermoformed EVA – lightweight yet durable, with optional personalized Logo-plate/zipper pull service available.


Whatever you need to protect, wherever it's going, from pitchside to mountainside, Zarges have the case you need, with a huge selection of sizes and specifications available. It's never been easier to find the perfect protection for your kit and equipment. You're just a few clicks away from industry leading expertise. Recognised around the World as the benchmark by which other protective cases are measured, the K470 aluminium case is rugged, lockable and water resistant.

Flightcases Pro

Find the perfect protective standard Flightcase for your equipment. We design and manufacture high-performance, protective Standard Flightcases and racks used for transport, operation and storage of essential equipment in commercial and military applications. All our Flightcases are hand made in Denmark

Plast Cases

We offer a wide range of Plastic Cases and are distributor of the full product range from W.AG cases. For the Scandinavia market special the Twist Range and the Tekno range are very popular. TWIST is a modern design case that embodies perfect coherence between a purist design language with distinctive stylistic elements and a multitude of features. Cool elegance and contemporary minimalism characterize the TWIST design...

Case Solutions


Peli Tool Cases – Waterproof and virtually indestructible Waterproof and virtually indestructible, a Peli tool case is the preferred choice of tool storage for engineers and technicians everywhere. Even more, they are an investment for life with their Lifetime Guarantee. Peli tool cases are available in seven variants at High Performance Cases for you to choose from.

Weapon Cases

Peli Weapon Cases are are super-rugged, lightweight hard-shell cases to protect your valuable rifles, handguns, and ammo from all sorts of 'calamities' you can imagine - from everyday bumps and bumps to the rigors of tactical operations.

Charging Cases

We have a wide range of cases for charge and transport of multiple tablets such as Apple iPad, easily and efficiently. Our cases are a great all-in-one solution. However, we don't just make cases for tablets; we can make cases for almost any USB-chargeable device.

Laptop Cases

Most travellers prefer to take their laptop in their carry-on for the best piece-of-mind, but with new airline regulations coming in on many flights, sometimes large electronic items such as laptops must be checked in. If this is the case, you'll want the strongest waterproof laptop case possible..

Camera Cases

The Peli brand is famous throughout the world (known as Pelican outside of Europe), for creating the plastic camera cases that are virtually indestructible. That’s why many professionals trust Peli to keep their camera gear safe, with some of the very best protective camera cases on the market.

EMS Cases

The Peli complete line of EMS cases are designed specifically for First Responders and EMS personnel. Each Peli Case for First Responders has a customizable case and lid organizer sets. The Peli EMS cases come in a bright orange color and are available in five different sizes. In addition to cases, Peli offers Lighting and Coolers for any First Responders arsenal as well. The custom First Reponder cases from The Case Store are designed to keep your EMS equipment safe and secure on a daily basis. Designed in conjunction with Emergency professionals, our Life Line Series cases use durable foams, precision custom cut and fabricated by The Case Store..

Special produkter

Hardigg Containers

Find the perfect protective case for your equipment or valuables from the Peli Hardigg range. These superb protective hard cases offer safe transportation for fragile or expensive equipment and are the choice of professionals. Transport and protect big equipment in the Hardigg Large, X-Large, or XX-Large Ruggedized Shipping Cases.


All transportation boxes from our range of Thermodyne Containers are made of high-impact polyethylene (PE-HD) and withstand even the most extreme physical stresses. The solid-coloured plastic shells are also resistant to the influence of chemicals. As such, colour and shape are retained even under extreme conditions and meet even the toughest of industry-specific standards.

ISP 2 Cases

The Inter-Stacking Pattern (ISP) range from Peli Hardigg™ almost completely removes the risk of load movement with the stacking pattern that covers the entire case, preventing toppling and streamlining your approach to pallet shifting..

Mobile Military

Mobile Military Cases are designed to prevent damage from moisture, dust, salt, sand, the fiercest of impacts and highest of drops, keeping your equipment safe and secure anywhere in the world during the most abusive scenarios

19" Rack Cases

Custom Rack Cases

Flightcases has been the specialist in Rack Cases since 1984. We manufacture custom made Rack according to your specifications. You will get a lightweight Shock Mount or Hard Mount Rack with minimum dimensions so you save space and weight.

Standard Rack Cases

Peli-Hardigg™ is the flagship manufacturer of 19-inch Rack Mount Cases worldwide, known for producing the toughest, most technologically advanced transportation solutions on the market for use within commercial, industrial, and military industries, plus many more.

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